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Over & Over & Over Again

There is a seemingly never-ending appetite among audiences today for content – content which can manifest itself in many, many forms. And with today’s media landscape being more broad and varied than ever before, how to reach the greatest number of people across the great expanse of media looms over the horizon like the little boy vainly trying to plug the many holes in the dike.

Then along comes the inventiveness and creativity of the human spirit to the rescue. So much to do and so many places to do it, is a welcome challenge for anyone with an ounce of marketing savvy.

One of the major concepts in this avalanche of media outposts and platforms is a tactic that has become known simply as “re-purposing.” More than just a marketing buzzword, re-purposing is at once inspiring and strategic.

Implementing re-purposing, much like most of marketing and communications, will vary from industry to industry, from company to company, and from product to product. As different as the pieces parts may be, the main thrust is still the same.

In today’s marketing world, re-purposing may look something like this: today’s news release is tomorrow’s blog which is next week’s podcast and is posted to the website on the first of the next month as it becomes the lead story in next month’s newsletter. Same story, different channels.

One of the greatest advantages of this notion is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to meet all those assignments. While the pieces parts may need to be re-worked, tweaked or reformatted depending on the end usage, the essential message stays the same.

Knowing your audience and knowing the media they consume mixed together with some creativity and strategic thinking… and you’re there. You’ve re-purposed.

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