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Give till it hurts. Ouch!

We’re finding it increasingly interesting to see all of the other “observances” that have arisen surrounding Thanksgiving.

It started with “Black Friday” – the inspiration for which was people taking advantage of the extra day off work to begin their Christmas shopping. (To those who prefer “holiday” shopping, we’d like to point out that when the observance began, it was still known as “Christmas” shopping.)

Then several years ago, “Cyber Monday” emerged as the day to buy your technology-related gifts. As if that needed its own special day.

And now we’re being bombarded with “Giving Tuesday” where philanthropy takes center stage. Our friends at the Morning Brew took the time to assemble some facts about the charitable nature of Americans (thought by some to be the most evil people in history.)

• Americans donated $471.44 billion in 2020, which accounted for 2.3 percent of GDP.

• More charitable dollars went to religion (28 percent) than anywhere else. (For those of you who are uncomfortable with such a large portion going to religion, keep in mind that these donations are from people who are giving their money to where they want to give it, not to where you think it should go.)

• And what about all those greedy, one-percent CEOs? Jeff Bezos was the top donor in 2020, giving $10.2 billion, followed by MacKenzie Scott ($5.7 billion) and Michael Bloomberg ($1.6 billion).

Now that we have Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, we’re holding our breath for Shut-Up Wednesday and Mind-Your-Own-Business Thursday – all of which leaves the weekend for more creative fun.

“Money. A blessing that is of no advantage to us excepting when we part with it.”

— Ambrose Bierce

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