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from JPT Group   |   January 2023   |   Vol. 16 No. 1

Not so Target Marketing

➔    One of the incredible developments of the digital age is a company’s ability to present precisely the right product to precisely the right audience at precisely the most opportune time. It’s astonishing and some companies do it extraordinarily well.

    Demographics and psychographics have evolved to such an extent to make this all, not only possible, but in the end a reality.


On the other hand…

    These rules don’t necessarily apply across the board. If I just bought a particular kind of soup or soft drink or other “consumable” that makes perfect sense. But can you apply the same techniques to all products?

    We’ve experienced scenarios where someone has just purchased a car and roughly one month later, the same company is reaching out to them again extolling them again to purchase a car. How many cars do they think this individual needs? Or, if the car you just sold me was any good, why would I want to replace it so quickly?

    Someone is not thinking this through.

    And don’t incessantly call either. At some point you’re going to push that consumer too far to the extent where they’ll never buy from you again.

    It is a good strategy to stay in front of your customer with your company name, your product name, etc. But there is a tipping point at which you simply just become annoying.

    Mental Floss tells the story of a British man who changed his name to Tim Pppppppppprice to make it harder for telemarketers to pronounce. That’s a bit extreme, but he did make his point.

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Confidence is the honest-to-God belief you can help others. Arrogance is the honest-to-God belief you have nothing left to learn yourself. Smugness is arrogance without the talent.”

—   Alan Weiss, consultant   


The Age of Change

Traditional corporate succession planning has included a mandatory retirement age of 65 for CEOs, but companies from Target to Boeing have recently changed those requirements to allow CEOs to serve longer.


Older CEO.jpg

Blog Smog

    If you have a blog or are thinking about starting one, according to talkedaboutmarketing,com, in keyword search, headlines that start with odd numbers (i.e. 3 Ways to make friends) perform better than headlines that begin with even numbers. Also, your headline should be 6-13 words.

    For bloggers, there is a lot of competition. Growth Badger states that of the more than 1.9 billion websites currently in operation, 600 million are blogs. Tumblr alone claims to be home to over 400 million blogs. 

    And, according to Internet Live Stats, more than 3 billion blog posts are published each year worldwide. That’s 8.28 million blog posts published per day, and 5,750 blog posts published each minute. In the United States, there are over 31 million active bloggers posting at least once per month plus, 7.5 million blog posts daily.


To the core. When Steve Jobs returned as Apple CEO in 1997, the company was near bankruptcy.


How ‘bout a drink?  Citizens of the Soviet Union began celebrating the defeat of Nazi Germany as soon as it was announced. Less than 24 hours later, the entire country was out of vodka.

—   Mental Floss   

Meow, I’m not well. The “Tabby” app tells cat owners if their cat is happy, or sad, or catatonic, or…

—   Reuters   

Old hat. A 102-year old woman scored a hole-in-one recently on the par-3, fourth hole at the Bidwell Park golf course in Chico, California.


More quack calls.   On December 21, 2022 the Mackinac Bridge Authority in Michigan started receiving calls regarding a possible oil spill on the Mackinac River. Turns out it was a gathering of more than 10,000 Redhead ducks.

—   OddityCentral   

Eau de spud. The Idaho Potato Commission has released a limited-edition potato perfume.


New toy in an old package. Built between 1696 and 1712, the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, England once was home to a 10-KW nuclear reactor used for training and education.


Online security run amok! To access porn sites in Louisiana, visitors must verify their ages with a government-issued ID.


The Month of January

Month of the Month

    What could possibly sound better on a cold January night than remembering it’s California Dried Plum Digestive Month and National Cheesy Sock Month? You always can wash it down soothingly because it’s also National Hot Tea Month. To make your evening complete, what could be better than reveling in National Polka Music Month?

    The Tearsheet usually goes out on the 15th of every month except when the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday. Thank God we missed January 15 – World Snow Day. But don’t fret, January 16 is both Appreciate a Dragon Day and National Nothing Day.

Question of the Month

    What is the largest denomination U.S. bill ever in circulation? 

    Don’t chase your tail trying to find a machine that will make change for this one.

Dave Chappelle2.jpg

Quote of the Month

When commenting on how movies and TV fail miserably at predicting the future, comedian Dave Chappelle observed, “The Jetsons didn’t even have an iPhone.”


Be it ever so new

    With the new year comes a new, updated website from The JPT Group. Check it out… if you dare.

    As always, your comments are welcome.

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