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Looking Back… and Forward

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As the days of 2023 trickle down to a precious few, we take a few minutes to look back on the year and to peer forward to what 2024 (and beyond?) may hold in store. Not surprisingly, we close out the year with one of the biggest topics of the past 12 or so months: generative AI.

While ChatGPT has emerged as the leading player in this space, there are many other competitors crowding in as well such as Google’s “Bard.” That’s not to mention the many existing platforms which now boast their “AI” functionality woven into their basic operations. Canva, Pictory and Wix and countless others all have jumped on the AI bandwagon.

My work here is done… or is it?

Despite what some people may say or think, AI is not a substitute for creating great (or even mediocre) content. It may give you inspiration or even a fast start, but it’s not the be-all or end-all some people may think.

For a world that sometimes seems obsessed with accuracy and fact-checking, AI-generated content is anything but. Some knowledgeable sources claim that no more than 80 percent of the content produced by AI can be depended on as being true. One presenter compared it to a 12-year old boy who, when asked a question, gives an answer that is 80 percent right and the balance is… anybody’s guess.

Should you be using AI? Sure. Should you take everything it spits out as gospel? That’s not a good idea. It may come already spell-checked and maybe even the grammar might be mostly correct, but it wouldn’t be wise to incorporate it directly into your content. Whether it’s a newsletter, email campaign or website, you would be well served to check and double-check your AI output.

With such questionable results – and even allowing for improvements over time – no one really knows what the future holds for AI… or it’s full impact on business and the world. For example, there is conflicting information and predictions as to which and/or how many jobs AI will replace. It may not replace any, but it may make your current job easier and it may make you more productive.

“All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

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