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Faster than a Speeding Bullet!

➔ The benefits of technology have become legion over the past several decades. We could enumerate them here, but we’re not that long winded.

So let’s just focus one relatively small, but impactful, aspect of the technological revolution: data reporting. Whether it’s websites or email campaigns, or whatever, at any given time, we’re amassing mountains of data.

If it’s websites, we know how many people are visiting the site. We know who they are by gender, age and location. We know when they visit and how long they stay; what pages they visit; what they click on; and, from what pages they leave.

If it’s an email campaign, we know how many emails have been opened, who opened them, when they opened them and if they clicked on any links in the email. We can A/B test certain elements of an email to determine what approach is most effective. We can embed surveys into our emails and track the responses. We can know when they subscribe and when they unsubscribe.

And as incredible as all that is, the thing that may be most valuable to businesses and other organizations is that we can learn all those things instantly – in real time. The minute that website is posted, the minute that email is sent, we can start seeing what kinds of responses they are generating. That can be a real boon to your business.

“The great thing about fact-based decisions is that they overrule the hierarchy.”

— Jeff Bezos, American business magnate, media proprietor and investor

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